Why Adding Value Works and 3 (Simple) Ways You Can Begin Today

Where to begin – well we’ll start at a blog video that I recently watched on Jonathan Budd’s blog that really had a good take away for me.

It was all about getting in touch with your ‘Inner Teacher’ and looking inward for answers rather than outward for the answers … stuff like that. Now I have a tough time getting (intentionally) too terribly deep and introspective but there was still a HUGE take-away for me.

The upshot of it was this:

“You haven’t helped anyone until you’ve helped them not need your help”

Now some people might hear that and scoff – ’cause  it sounds then like the goal is to always be working your way out of a job. And I guess that sort of fear might creep in IF you were either bad at attracting new people or unwilling to reinvent the value you bring.

And actually, that’s by far the easiest way to bring continuous value – be willing to always be learning and also share it enthusiastically.

YES we should become good at both sourcing new traffic to our marketing funnels and always expanding our value to others …  but we already know that it’s WAY easier to re-serve an existing customer than it is to source a new one. That’s why listbuilding is such a critical part of any marketer’s equation and bottom line.

Adding value is what makes that list relationships last.

So, I had a new twitter friend ask me yesterday about how to go about “constantly creating value” and I thought I’d address that here by sharing three rock solid ways you can begin today:

–> Way to Add Value #1 – Share something you learned yesterday.

Sometimes I think we fail to realize just HOW much we take in and how completely people appreciate it when others short cut the learning curve for them. Could be something as simple as how to reply on twitter or come up with an article topic. This is a case of ‘little things’ really can mean a lot.

–> Way to Add Value #2 – Make ‘em laugh.

There are very few people who don’t like a honest to goodness belly laugh.  But like anything else – searching for funny stuff is no where near as satisfying as hitting just the good things. Consider becoming a dependable source of things that really really make you grin.

–> Way to Add Value #3 – Send them to other great resources.

Yep that’s right – you can be valuable by just being an info ‘aggregator’ of sorts. Become known as the go-to person for all things “(name-your-topic)” and people who are also interested in that topic will be drawn to you automatically as word spreads.

So I guess my point it this – adding value works (and causes you to stand out) because it’s not about you – it’s about the wants and needs of others.  Ask yourself this – will someone be able to take what I put out there and readily share it with others?

  • If it’s nothing but an ill disguised link to your opp – highly doubt it.
  • If it’s all about you and not about them – chances are slim to none.
  • If you’re talking at them (rather than to them) and are way off their radar topic-wise (bible thumping door knockers and dinner-time telemarketers come to mind for me here) … you’re clearly not targeting your market right.

Help Them Not Need Your Help

Give them what they want – you’ll be golden – you’ll see :)


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